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How We Work

Your home is your most precious investment. It should be treated accordingly. We recognize that every remodeling situation is unique. Each project is approached methodically and with care.


We start with an initial meeting to get to know you and your home and determine the scope of the work. Perhaps a designer, architect or engineer is involved, maybe all three. We pride ourselves on affable coordination with all the members of your project team.


When it comes time for work to begin we call on our other team of trusted subcontractors. These are all licensed professional firms with whom we have built up relationships over the course of two decades. Together with our network of materials suppliers we assemble the matrix to bring the job to a successful, on-time completion.

Permits & Inspections

The permitting process can seem intimidating. It shouldn’t be. Every job we do is done with a Building Permit and Inspections. There is no reason to do otherwise. The cost is negligible but the value will stay with the home forever. The Building Code is actually just a minimum. We always build stronger than required. We have been working with the City and its Inspectors for many years now and will help you navigate through the process with ease.




Any work done on your home in excess of $500 is required to have a written contract. Only licensed Contractors can write contracts. Don’t be misled by unlicensed construction workers. Work done without a contract isn’t just illegal, it strips you of all your protections. 


Change Orders

Often in construction work unexpected situations arise. We do our best to anticipate them but we can’t always know what lurks beneath the floor or behind the wall. Sometimes additional work is needed. When it is, you will never be hit with surprise charges.  Whether you have decided to add something to the project or hidden damage is discovered all modifications to the contract will be in the form of a written Change Order. This document will outline specific costs and will be agreed and signed before any extra work begins.


Pre-Construction Agreement

Is your project not quite shovel-ready? We are happy to consult. We can work with your design team or offer our own design advice. We also offer planning services to help refine the scope of work, select materials and develop a sense of the cost. If there are any blanks to be filled we can get your job off the drawing board smoothly and realistically.



We carry full liability insurance to cover you and your home. Furthermore, all our subcontractors do, as well. The chain of liability extends from them through us to you ensuring that your most valued asset will always be protected. All our workers and our subcontractors' workers are fully covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance.




From watching your pets to keeping the kids safe and sweeping up at the end of the day, we treat your home as if it were our own. We are honored to be invited into your lives. We look forward to making the journey from contractors and clients to trusted friends.

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