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At Metzler Brothers General Contractors, Inc., we provide reliable emergency repairs for your property. Whether it’s stucco repair, heavy shoring, fixing leaks, foundation work, or seismic retrofitting, our experienced team of contractors can take care of your job quickly and efficiently. When you have an urgent home repair need, contact us to get help right away. 


Portola Emergency Repair

What Happens When a Car Hits your House!?! 

We completed this emergency repair after a car hit a client's house in the Portola neighborhood of San Francisco. The building was close to falling down! We coordinated insurance, engineer, city, and seven different trades to complete heavy shoring and stucco repair. Contact us to find out how Metzler Brothers can help repair you house and prevent disaster when the unexpected strikes.


Forest Hill Seismic Retrofit

Making a Soft Story Compliant

Metzler Brothers General Contractors, Inc. offers an extensive range of services to keep your home in the San Francisco Bay Area safe. Seismic retrofitting includes voluntary strengthening, earthquake bracing and bolting, and soft story compliance. We provide the best services to give you peace of mind. 


Nasty Leak in the Sunset

From Gross to Beautiful

Let us help you with your water damage repair needs. The Metzler Brothers provide expert leak evaluation, dry root repair, waterproofing, and tiling services to prevent small issues from becoming bigger problems. We have recently completed a project with gorgeuos terra cotta tiles for one of our clients who caught a leak in time to be efficiently repaired.


Sliding Hillside Foundation

Securing a house in San Rafael

We are proud of an extensive home repair project in San Rafael, California, where a home had been slowly sliding down the hill since 1958. Through contracted engineering, Metzler Brothers installed 22 helical piers to perform deep foundation repair to the existing home, in addition to extensive concrete slab work and reinforcement. 


Eco-friendly Exterior

Restoring using alternative materials

Maintaining the historic charm of this home while updating the exterior using sustainable material was a priority for our client on Diamond Street in San Francisco. This project included use of the alternative, green, building material Boral siding, along with decorative trim restoration, insulation, waterproofing, and finishing.  


Noe Valley Skylights

Adding natural light to the home

Our team completed a project for a Noe Valley home which included adding natural light with efficient skylights, maintaining the building's charm with restorative terra cotta tiles, and waterproofing the new roof.

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